Free Rank Advancement Program and Discount on Summer Camp

Purpose:  To encourage family participation in the Fair Share Campaign which helps fund year-round camping facilities at the Bucktail Council’s Camp Mountain Run and the support  services provided to support our Packs and Troops.


How do you qualify?

1.    Schedule a district fair share presentation where families have been invited to attend in advance.

2.    A unit leader gives the district presenter a positive introduction at the presentation.

3.    A unit leader or committee chairperson gives a personal pledge and asks all families for 100% participation.

4.    The assigned goal is achieved (through Trail's Ends popcorn, Nuts for Scouting, Camp Cards, Friends of Scouting, or another fundraiser.

5.    90% of the pledges are paid by the end of the calendar year.

What is earned?

  • For Cub Scout Packs—Badges for Bobcat, Tiger, Wolf, Bear, Webelos and Arrow of Light are free for   2018.
  • For Boy Scout Troops—Tenderfoot through Eagle Scout ranks for the 2018 program year are free.
  • For Crews—the Ranger, Quest, Bronze, Silver and Gold awards are free for 2018.
  • For Packs, Troops and Crews - Qualifying units earn $10 off per Scout for Summer Camp programs

When can our unit get these free rank badges?

During the next calendar year.  All free rank badges must accompany an Advancement Report. 

How is the goal determined?

It costs $270 per youth to provide the Scouting program in the Bucktail Council.  We are asking that each family help provide 1/3rd of that total or $90.

Based on the December 31st membership for your unit, the average support for the Family Fair Share program must equal $90 or greater for 70% of the members.

This $90 can be generated from Net popcorn sales, net Nuts for Scouting sales, net Camp card sales, a Friends of Scouting donation, or any other fundraiser that your unit does.

Congratulations to this year's winners!

Pack 25, Pack 44, Pack 245, Troop 27, Troop 28, Troop 35, Troop 43, Troop 83, Troop 199 and Troop 551.