Mandated Reporters are required by law to report suspected child abuse:

„  All Scouting volunteers and employees (at all times).

„  Mandated Reporter – individuals (paid or unpaid) who accept responsibility for a child as part of a regularly scheduled program, activity, or service.

„  Persons supervised or managed by a mandated reporter

„  Independent contractors


Mandatory Reports of Abuse:

„  Immediate and direct report of actual or suspected abuse to ChildLine either electronically at or by calling 1-800-932-0313.

„  Written report (Form CY-47*) to the county children and youth agency within 48 hours.

„  After making the report to ChildLine, notify Scout Executive of report.

„  All must act on any report of arrest or abuse charge while employed or volunteering.

* - Form CY-47 can be obtained at or from the children and youth agency. If a report is made electronically, no CY-47 is required to be completed.


Basis for Report:

If reasonable cause to suspect child abuse under any of the following circumstances:

„  Mandated reporter comes in contact with youth in course of employment or occupation

„  Mandated reporter is directly responsible, or is affiliated with entity that is directly responsible, for child care & supervision

„  A specific disclosure is made to a mandated reporter

„  Self-reporting by person 14 years of age or older to the mandated reporter

Mandated reporters through capacity as staff of agency must notify person in charge and Scout executive.  The person in charge must cooperate with any investigation.


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