2021 Summer Camp Updates and COVID-19

What are we doing to make Camp Mountain Run safe for our Scouts, Leaders and Staff?

While it is impossible to eliminate the risk of COVID-19, here is what we are doing to make the Camp Mountain Run experience as safe as possible.  Keep in mind, this list is subject to change based on the current recommendations of the CDC and PA Department of Health. 

  • COVID Health and Safety Plan
  • Pre-camp screening form
  • Daily Covid-19 Monitoring Form – Troop Medic (Based on CDC Guidance, we will not need to do this.)
  • Daily temperature checks (Based on CDC Guidance, we will not need to do this.)
  • Promoting social distancing whenever possible 
  • Limiting camp enrollment and individual merit badge class sizes (Based on CDC Guidance, we will not need to do this.)
  • Hand sanitizing stations located at all program areas and throughout the camp property
  • Program areas, dining hall, bathroom facilities, and all buildings to be sanitized every evening and throughout each day 
  • Our goal is to have 100% of our staff vaccinated

Other helpful resources:

Events and Venues can return to 100% Capacity by June 28, 2021 

Stay Safe at Summer Camp Video

Restart Scouting Checklist

A Leader, Parent and Scout orientation via YouTube Premier will be held on Sunday, April 11, 2021 at 7pm.

Click the title above to connect to the Leader, Parent and Scout Orientation on Summer Camp.  The orientation will be approximately 30 minutes with a live Q&A at the end.  Our goal is to keep you up to date on this year’s Summer Camp programs.    

Once posted, you will be able to not only watch it live, but for your convenience, you will also be able to watch a recorded version after the event.  Even if you watch a recorded version after the live event, you will still be able to ask questions and the answers to those questions will be updated and posted periodically by our Camp leadership.

Click the title above to be taken to the orientation.

Why Should Your Scout Attend Camp Mountain Run?

Summer Camp at Camp Mountain Run is something that you won’t want to miss!  Research has shown that outcomes of Scouts attending Summer Camp make a huge impact on their life! 

We have put together an experienced team of volunteers and camp leadership to guide us as we reopen Camp Mountain Run ensuring that this year’s summer camp will be safe.  We will only open if it is legal to do so, if it is safe to do so and when Camp Mountain Run is accredited by the by the National BSA, local and state authorities. 

For more information on the Summer Camp Outcomes Study, please click below.

Summer Camp Outcomes Study

We have the Best Volunteers and Summer Camp Leadership to Guide Us

To “Be Prepared” for this summer, our team of volunteers and Summer Camp leadership have been meeting frequently to get ready for this year’s Summer Camp at Camp Mountain.  This page will be dedicated to the most up to date information from our Summer Camp Task Force to help you get ready for this summer.

Click the button below if you are looking for guidance on Summer Camps, Events and meetings.

Bucktail Council Event / Meeting Guidance

Health and Safety is our #1 Priority!

Informational YouTube Premier meeting for Leaders and Families is COMING SOON!

To keep our Leaders and Families up to date and to allow our Scouting families to ask questions about this year’s Summer Camp, we will be holding a Leader and Parent Pre-Camp meeting via YouTube Premier.  A link will be provided to watch this informative YouTube Premier video with live Q&A.

Click the button below to select and sign up for this year’s Summer programs.

Check out more information and Sign Your Unit up for Summer Camp!