Area 4 Super Camp 2020


Do you know where these signs are located?

It may seem like everything has been turned up side down these days.  Scouting can offer some direction to find your way.  Just as signs help you to navigate, Scouting is still there to provide some direction.  And, yes, these signs are from Camp Mountain Run.

Alternate Summer Programming 2020

While Scouts are not able to experience all that Camp Mountain Run would have to offer in a normal year due to COVID-19, camp staff members from several camps throughout western PA have combined forces to ensure that Scouts from our Council and all across the country can still receive a summer Scouting program like no other.  Scouts will be able to participate in these programs from the comfort and safety of their own homes or as part of a local troop outing.  We’ll be offering lots of virtual merit badge sessions, entertaining campfire programs, interactive camp-wide activities, and much more.

As Baden-Powell once said, “The open-air is the real objective of Scouting and the key to its success.”  We know that Scouting is done best in the outdoors. That is why one of our main goals for our summer programs is to get you into the outdoors.  We do not want this just another virtual summer camp with everything happening on a screen.  Our goal is for this to be an authentic Scouting experience involving the outdoors, Scout spirit, and camp traditions.

Program Delivery

Our goal was to make this more than an online merit badge session where Scouts just sit in front of their computers.  We also wanted to make this program as flexible as possible so that Scouts and their parents could participate during a time when they are available.

That is why we will be recording short instructional videos to give the Scouts and their parents what they need to participate in the activity or merit badge instruction.  Merit Badge instructional videos will be placed on the council website using our YouTube page while Zoom will be used by our merit badge counselors to hold “office hours” to answer questions and discuss various requirements for the merit badges to help the Scout complete their assignments.  The rest of the time Scouts will be in the outdoors engaging with nature that is right in front of them.

To be able to participate in our summer program, participants will need a computer/tablet, an internet connection, and the ZOOM app (free to download onto your computer or tablet).

Program Safety

The protection and welfare of youth is our top priority.  For this reason, Scouts are highly encouraged to complete their age-appropriate Cyber Chip if they have not done so already.  As always, all camp staff and counselors comply with Pennsylvania-mandated background clearances and BSA youth protection training.  Additionally, there will be two-deep leadership while counselors during their “office hours”.

Program Materials

Participants will receive a “Camp in a Box” which will contain the program materials, recognition items and other materials needed to be a part of the program.  Once a Scout signs up for the program, he or she will be provided the necessary Zoom links and video links that will be required for their specific program.

How to Register

All registrations for the “Area 4 Super Camp” virtual summer camp programs will be done through an online event registration system called Black Pug.  The Moraine Trails Council is hosting the registration process for the Area 4 Super Camp, therefore, when you register, you will register as an Out of Council Troop unless, of course, you are from the Moraine Trails Council.  All troops are pre-loaded in the system and you will be able to find your Troop no matter what council you are from.  Scout participants can sign up individually or Troops can sign up their Scouts as a part of one registration.  In addition to the merit badges below, you will also be able to sign up for the Trailblazer or first year Scout program.  The registration site is open until July 4thRegister now!