Polar Bear will be January 18-20, 2019

CMR – Rain or Shine (Freeze or Thaw)

Boy Scouts enjoy this annual event where skills are tested. They will compete in events like knot tying, building fires, map and compass reading, and much more! Check out the Polar Bear Information Packet in the links to the right.

If you feel your troop is not ready to camp in the winter weather cabins can be rented for the weekend, or you are welcome to attend Saturday and participate in the competition.

Pay attention while registering. The Standing Elk Cafe Lunch is automatically selected, so if you are planning to prepare your own lunch, the “No Thanks” option needs to be selected.

You will be asked to select a Patrol for each youth member registered. While there is no space on the site to assign a name for your patrols, we do still want those names. If you don’t receive an email asking for patrol names shortly after registering, please be prepared to give those during check-in.

Thank you!



Follow this link to register for the event.

Follow this link to order your 50th Anniversary Polar Bear Commemoratives!