Camp Mountain Run – Adoption Program

Procedure: Sign your Troop up to adopt a campsite, program area, or building at Camp Mountain Run. Contact the Camp Ranger (John Drum – 814-637-5530) or Camp Property Committee Chairman (Scott Creighton – 814-221-0218) to set up your adoption process. Once set up, choose the specifics of your adoption.

1. If you select a campsite, you may choose from the following:
a. General clean up (rake leaves, pick up sticks, trails, etc.)
b. Tent and platform set up
c. Clean fire pit area and replenish wood supply
d. Clean kybo (power wash, paint, etc.)
e. Clean Adirondack (minor repairs, paint, etc.)

2. If you select a program area, you may choose from the following:
a. General clean up (rake leaves, pick up sticks, trails, etc.)
b. Paint accompanying shelter, building and/or pavilion
c. Set up area for summer camp

3. If you select a building, you may choose from the following:
a. General interior clean-up
b. General exterior clean-up
c. Interior painting of walls
d. Exterior painting of siding

4. If you have an alternate project in mind to improve camp, and as long as it is approved, you can set up details with the Camp Ranger. The Camp Ranger may also have other projects that need attention that you may choose from.

While summer camp preparation is a very significant time to get camp in top condition, it is also important to maintain the camp property and facilities throughout the entire year. Consider making this a year-round commitment for you troop and continue to develop pride in Camp Mountain Run.

Note: Bucktail Council does not show preferential treatment to those adopting areas (i.e. campsites for summer camp).

Service Project List

1. See “Adoption Program” for recommended project ideas for campsites, program areas, and buildings.

2. Clean up brush from blow down area near dining hall.

3. Split and stack firewood at wood shed.

4. Clean sticks, logs, and debris out of stream and off stream bank.

5. Clean out blocked culvert pipes along road ditches.

6. Paint/stain split rail fences throughout camp.

Updated 6/13/19