Cub Scout Expo and Open House Brings New Families to CMR

Cub Scout Expo has drawn hundreds of new Cub Scouts each year to Camp Mountain Run. The boys (and some of their sisters) who attended had the opportunity to sample many of the different aspects of Cub Scout camping and learn about some unique outdoor activities.

The 2015 and 2016 Bucktail Council Cub Scout Expo was chosen as one the Trailblazer Adventure Programs through the US Sportsmen’s Alliance Foundation. As part of this program, seasoned sportsmen and wildlife professionals provided hands-on firearm and archery safety, fishing instruction, and trapping demonstrations. Some of the most popular activities at this year’s event were: BB-Shooting, Archery, Bow-fishing, Fly-Casting, Fishing, Trapping, and the Order of the Arrow Dance Team demonstration.
Each of the youth participants received an event patch and Trailblazer sticker at the end of the event. If your Pack hasn’t received these items, please contact the Service Center at (814)371-5650 or email the Bucktail Council Trading Post. Here are some of the photos from previous events: