Unit Recharter Instructions and Checklist

The use of Internet Rechartering (IR) is required. Access it through the link on the rechartering website, www.bucktail.org/Recharter. IR checks the information you provide and prevents many common rechartering errors such as missing required information and missing required adult leaders. It also warns you about adult leaders who do not have the required Youth Protection Training on file with BSA.

After you submit your revised roster with Internet Rechartering, perform the following steps to complete your unit’s recharter:

1. Print Roster. Print the PDF file that Internet Rechartering downloads to the computer you are using. This PDF file contains the revised roster that you have created with IR. ( If you are NOT on a public computer, we suggest that you save the PDF file for future use in case you want another copy of the roster.) After the printing completes, log off IR.

2. Corrections to Roster. After you complete IR, if you discover errors in the recharter printout, you must manually correct the printout and recalculate the BSA National Charter Fee on the signature page of the printout. Corrections to existing information must be made by drawing a fine-point straight line through information to be changed. THE OLD INFORMATION STILL MUST BE READABLE SO THAT IT CAN FOUND AND CHANGED. Use a ruler and fine point pen to draw a single line through information to be corrected. Print new information as neatly as possible above the lined-out information. DO NOT USE A HIGHLIGHTER TO MARK CHANGES. If you add a new youth or adult member, to the roster also be sure to add the new member to the new youth or new adult lists on the page preceding the signature page.

3. Applications for New Members. If you added new youth or adult members to your unit, the IR roster printout will be preceded by a list of new youth members, if any, and a list of new adult members, if any.

a. For each new youth member in the list:

i. Include a completely filled out youth application
ii. Be sure the application is signed by the Unit Leader (CM, SM, etc.), the parent, and, for a Venturer, the youth.

b. For each new adult member in the list:

i. Include a completely filled out adult application, including the references and answers to the questions.
ii. Include a completely filled out criminal background authorization form, signed by the member.
iii. Be sure the application is signed by the Chartered Organization head and the adult. Your District Executive will sign the form after you turn in your recharter.

4. Calculate Accident Insurance / Program Fee.(Fees will be calculated by the system and you will be able to pay online if you wish.) This fee is imposed by Bucktail Council to fund the accident insurance policy that it is required by the National Council. (Do not confuse this fee with the $75 Unit Liability Insurance Fee calculated by IR as part of the BSA National fees.) The accident insurance fee is $12 per person for all youth, all primary registered adult leaders. The fee is not charged in the following cases:

a. to the Executive Officer/Institution Head unless he or she is also a registered leader (Charter Organization Rep, Committee Chair, or Committee Member)

b. to any member who is a “multiple registrant” in your unit. That is, he or she pays his or her BSA membership fee in another unit.

5. Calculate Total Amount Payable with Recharter. Calculate the total amount as follows:

BSA Fees
“Total Fees Submitted” from Internet Rechartering printout



New applications to be registered in the current month @ $5.50/month/member


Total Amount Payable (add the three lines above)



NOTE: We strongly recommend that you not fill in the check amount until all calculations have been checked.

6. Obtain the three required signatures on the recharter printout or do electronic signatures through the online rechartering system:

a. Executive officer (Institutional Head)
b. Unit leader (Cubmaster, Scoutmaster, Varsity coach, Venturing advisor, Skipper, Explorer advisor)
c. Council representative (commissioner or district executive) – can be obtained at turn-in.

7. Bring the following documents to turn in your Recharter materials. Please make an appointment with your unit commissioner or district executive to save time.
a. All pages printed out by Internet Recharter with signatures on the first page of the roster
b. Completed adult and/or youth application, including all required signatures, for each new member added to roster
c. Completed “Accident Insurance Information” form

d. One or more blank checks (to be filled in by you after your paperwork is checked.
e. Copies of all volunteer leaders required documents for the Child Protective Services Law (unless previously turned in. These forms are good for 57 months.
f.  Copies of the “Additional-Disclosures-And-Background-Check-Authorization-NOT-CALIFORNIA 112519” which is a part of the new adult application (version February 2020) to allow a background check to be done.  State laws have made the disclosures prior to February 2020 obsolete.  New disclosures are required for each adult (unless turned in prior to recharter).

NOTE: If you turn in your paperwork at the Council Service Center during regular business hours, please make an appointment to ensure the proper personnel are available.