Recyclable Garbage Bags



To give local units a spring fundraiser to help scouts earn their way to summer camp. The local unit uses most of the commission to benefit the Scout. A benefit of the Nuts for Scouting sales is that there is no money up front and NO RISK to the local unit. The WasteZero Garbage Bag Sale is a very important part of the Council Fair Share Plan that was introduced. This sale will help your unit and Council become fiscally sustainable.


The unit only orders what it needs; individual container orders only, no full case orders. The unit should collect the money upfront and then pay for their order at the time the order is due.

Type of Sale

Take order only. Scouts take orders on their sheet and turn it in to the local unit. The Council provides the order forms. The order forms are available for print by downloading the pdf or at the Council Service Center. Scouts collect the money up front and submit the money with their order.


The unit commission is 40%. The local council also makes a modest amount of money that will be designated to provide quality Scouting programs.

Key Dates

UNIT ORDERS DUE WITH MONEY: Contact the Council Service to get WasteZero Scout Order Form (available soon) or download and print your own.  Master Order Form with unit orders totaled must be submitted by Monday, April 5, 2021.  Please use the WasteZero Trash Bags Master order form(.xls – available soon) or the WasteZero Master Order Form (.pdf – available soon) to submit your Unit orders.  To submit your order, email the completed WasteZero Scouting Master Order form (xls) or WasterZero Scouting Master Order Form (pdf) to the Council Service Center.  Remember that the money is also due at this time at the Council Service Center. You will keep your 40%.

ORDER PICK UP is Monday, April 19, 2021 at the Council Service Center anytime between 9am – 7pm. For the most efficient pick-up, please schedule an appointment. Sell more than $5000 and we will deliver them to your door!


Contact Gregg Bennett at 814-371-5650 ext. 201 or by email.