Commissioner Basic Training

Commissioner Basic Training

Learning Objectives for Commissioner Basic Training:

The mission of unit service is to help units serve more youth better through Scouting. This is why we are here. So, at the end of this training you should:

• Understand the 4 objectives of unit service
• Understand the four-function concept of council and district operations
• Understand the commissioner’s role in supporting units
• Understand the primary tools available to unit commissioners – “The Unit Performance Guide methodology”, “The Unit Key-3 “, and “The Unit Service Plan and Commissioner Tools”
• Understand the methods and steps of good unit program planning
• Understand commissioner priorities and how to be an effective leader yourself

This training will examine:

What a Commissioner is.
What a Commissioner does.
How a Commissioner does it.

Useful Resources:

The Council, No. 33071
The District, No. 33070
The Commissioner Fieldbook for Unit Service No 33621 (Referred to here as the Fieldbook)
Unit Performance Guide

Commissioner Basic Training will be offered in the fall 2019.