Submitting Clearances to the Bucktail Council

What Clearances Must Be Submitted and What is the Process for Doing So?

A. Volunteers must provide the following clearances

  • Report of Criminal History from the Pennsylvania State Police (PSP), cost – free after 7/25/15, 10-15 minutes: (On Tuesday March 15, 2022 from 5:00PM to 8:00 PM the PATCH website will be updated and will not be available to process any PATCH checks. When the update is complete there will be a new look and feel to the PATCH website.)
  • Child Abuse History Clearance from the Department of Human Services, cost – free after 7/25/15, 20-30 minutes:
  • Fingerprint based FBI criminal history clearance submitted through the Department of Human Services, cost – $25.75, 5-10 minutes online and 10-15 minutes at the fingerprinting Click on “Digital Fingerprinting.” On the next screen, enter the Service Code, which is: 1KG6ZJ.  OR Volunteers who have resided in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania for the past 10 years can submit a Waiver of Fingerprinting for Volunteers in lieu of the Fingerprint based FBI Clearance.

B. What is the cost for the clearances?

There is no cost for two of the volunteer clearances (PSP Criminal History and PA DHS Child Abuse).
The FBI criminal history clearance (for volunteers who have not been residents of Pennsylvania for the past 10 years or residents of other states) is required only once upon establishing residency and when first applying for volunteer service. The cost of the FBI criminal history clearance through DHS is $25.75.

C. How long does it take the Commonwealth to process the clearances?

Some of the clearances come back within a few minutes, however, some may take as long as several weeks.

D. Timeline to provide the clearances

All new volunteers who begin their volunteer service on or after August 25, 2015 must comply prior to the volunteer participating in any activity where he or she will provide care, supervision, guidance or control of children, or routine interaction with children.
All current Scouting volunteers (those who began their volunteer service prior to August 25, 2015) must comply by July 1, 2016.
Volunteer clearances (PSP Criminal History and DHS Child Abuse) are valid for 60 months.
PA volunteer clearances may be applied for, at no cost to the volunteer every 57 months.

E. How to Submit Clearances to the Bucktail Council

Volunteers can upload copies of their required documents (in pdf format) to the our secure website. In order to ensure that your files are properly received and recorded, please secure all your documentation before and send all of your files at the same time. Clearances obtained for other volunteer or employment organizations may be submitted if they are current and meet the guidelines.

It is recommended you install a .pdf converter to allow you to print the reports in pdf format. Free .pdf converters are available from CutePDF and PrimoPDF.

Resources for Additional Information

  1. Pennsylvania Website on Child Protection:
  2. Pennsylvania Volunteer FAQ:
  3. Pennsylvania Mandated Reporter FAQ: