ScoutBook – Make your Scouting Life Easier

Why ScoutBook?

Let technology do the work for you!  Whether you are a Scouting leader, Parent or a Scout, ScoutBook integrates all three to make the Scouting program more about the experience than tracking advancement, attendance, dues, etc.

ScoutBook for Parents

These days, kids are busy. But parents are busier. With hectic family schedules, staying informed and connected is critical for any parent on-the-go.

Fortunately, Scoutbook provides the means to help busy parents keep track of busy Scouts.

ScoutBook for Scouts

The Scouting experience is about learning new things, discovering new talents, and having fun.

With customizable profiles and interactive features, Scoutbook puts the excitement of advancement into the hands of the Scout. They can share their success with friends and family as they progress through the program.

ScoutBook for Leaders

Leading young Scouts through the many adventures Scouting has to offer is one of the most fulfilling roles in the organization. But sometimes the act of leading can get lost in the act of reporting, limiting the amount of time spent with Scouts.

Scoutbook provides access to valuable tools and resources that will help with the day-to-day management of a unit, giving every leader more of what they need most: TIME.