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The income of the Bucktail Council, Boy Scouts of America comes from various sources. The single largest source of income in providing Scouting’s character development program to over 1200 youth and adults right here in the Bucktail Council is the “Friends of Scouting” campaign and accounts for more than 44% of the overall budget.

This is how Bucktail Council is funded and where charitable dollars go:


• 44% Friends of Scouting / Contributions
• 26% Camping and Activities
• 11% Foundations and Grants
• 7% United Way

•7% Product Sales
* 5% Other

• 81% Program Services
• 10%Fundraising
• 9%Administration and Management

(Program includes direct support to districts, Units, Camping and Activities)


If you would like to make an investment in the best character development program available and help shape the future leaders of your community donate TODAY! Email Bucktail Council’s Scout Executive, Gregg T. Bennett or call 814.371.5650. You may also send your investment directly to:

Bucktail Council, Boy Scouts of America
209 First Street
DuBois, PA 15801

Click this link to donate now.

Apart from cash and checks, the Council also accepts gifts of marketable securities, life insurance policies, bequests, annuities and property. For more information on making a gift to the Council’s permanent Endowment Fund or Capital Campaign, please email Gregg T. Bennett or call 814.371.5650.