Act 15 has replaced Act 153

Act 15 was the result of the efforts of many Representatives and Senators to refine and better define what was signed into law late last year as Pennsylvania Act #153. House Bill No. 1276 was the main vehicle that was developed and amended into what became Act 15.

A couple of items of particular note:

• The date for compliance for new volunteers is now August 25, 2015 (the previous date was July 1, 2015).
• The fees for both DHS child abuse clearance and the PSP criminal history background clearance for volunteers have been waived.
• Both the DHS child abuse clearance and the PSP criminal history background clearance must be renewed once every 57 months (the previous law required every 36 months).
• Updates to the keepkidssafe.pa.gov website are expected as early as Monday, July 6, 2015, including the FAQ’s related to this newest legislation.

Information Pertaining to Bucktail Council Volunteers

All new leaders (after August 25, 2015) will need to have their clearances done prior to becoming a leader. To process new leaders, turn in their copies of the clearances and the approved BSA adult application.

Currently registered leaders (prior to August 25, 2015) that are renewed on the December 2015 Charter Renewal, will need to have their clearances completed at the time the charter renewal paperwork is submitted. Leaders that do not have clearances will not be able to be renewed.

Please begin to have your leaders go through this process. Note that copies of clearances are acceptable for volunteer positions.

Download FAQ’s and additional information for Bucktail Council leaders.

Upload your PA Clearances to our database.