Unit Rechartering

This web page will assist unit personnel with responsibility for the unit’s recharter by providing pointers to resources, by providing an overview of how the recharter process works, and by providing instructions (Internet Rechartering User Guide) to minimize errors.


RECHARTER WEBSITE – www.bucktail.org/recharter


  • Use the link to BSA’s Internet Rechartering 2.0 website (located within Internet Advancement).
  • The Internet Rechartering System can also be accessed through Scoutbook.
  • The Unit Key 3 will have access.  If the unit wishes to have someone have access, they can add that person as a Key 3 delegate through functional positions in My.Scouting.

Important for 2023

  • In an effort to streamline basic operations and put tools in the hands of volunteers, the BSA is again going to make “self-service” as many membership processes as possible. This will allow unit Key 3 to print charter certificates and membership cards in a timelier manner.
  • Bucktail Council requires the use of Internet Rechartering for all recharters. The council feels that the benefits of improved accuracy of recharters and reduced volunteer and staff effort are so great that this change is required to make best use of resources. If your unit does not have access to the required computer with Microsoft Internet Explorer 6, or higher, contact your district’s leadership team for assistance in gaining access to those resources.

  • No volunteer leader will be registered without Youth Protection Training, the required documentation for the Child Protection Services Law and the new Background Check Authorization.  These documents can be uploaded right into the Internet Rechartering software.
  • All documents needed are provided on this website.


Your recharter is due at the Council Service Center on or before the 13th of December. We encourage you to use recharter turn-in opportunities provided to get help and turn in your recharter materials.


This web-based system provided by the BSA National Council helps you update your unit’s roster to correct errors for existing members, add new members, and remove members who are no longer in your unit. IR is available to you starting two months before your current charter expires. That is, if your charter expires December 31, you may access the system as early as November 1st. A Recharter Workshop PowerPoint tutorial linked in the “Resources” section of the recharter website for detailed information.


Bucktail Wilds District:  Sheri Price (814) 371-5650 ext. 209


BE “ON TIME – ERROR FREE”. Every hour spent by volunteers and Council staff chasing down late recharters and fixing errors can’t be spent helping youth. THANK YOU in advance for making good use of our limited resources!